Advancing God’s Kingdom Martur Church Orphan Home We have a new opportunity to  advance the Kingdom through the  rescue and care of orphans in  poverty stricken back roads of India. In fellowship with Warm Blankets  Orphan Care International, we can  adopt a whole orphan home. Each child has a different story of  the way the world crumbled around  them. He could tell you of the last  time he saw his parents. He tried to  be strong for his brother but his  eyes could not hide his grief and  fear. There were days they barely  survived. Then every child at the Martur  Church Orphan Home comes to my  favorite part of the story - the day  they found hope. The children in  this home have found unconditional  love and a place to belong. They  are raised to be disciples of Christ  and leaders in the transforming of a  generation. They can change their  nation. Will you join us in this story?   We decided to support the  orphans in this home on a  monthly basis. A little does a lot.  Just click “give” and join our team  today! Learn More About our Mission to Save and Protect Orphans! How much of the money I give gets to the actual orphan home? Where do the kids come from? Who cares for the kids? Read more FAQ > The Call ... “Therefore go and make disciples  of all nations, baptizing them in  the name of the Father and the  Son and the Holy Spirit, and  teaching them to obey everything  I have commanded you. And  surely I am with you always, to the  very end of the age.”                         Matthew 28: 19-20 Wo is Warm Blankets Orphan  Care International? Click here to visit Martur Church Orphan Home Click here to visit Kingdom Life House of Prayer